Apps and the Sharing Economy

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The ‘sharing economy’ is the ideal term that the business world has created to illustrate the emerging business market (mainly utilizing mobile applications). The sharing economy connects people who need a specific service or product with other people who have or can provide that service, product or skill.

A lot of startups have originated from the sharing economy, some of which are well worth over a billion dollars each. Industry experts foretell that the sharing economy will most definitely keep expanding, providing excellent money making opportunities for entrepreneurs. Every year, numerous sharing economy apps are launched into the market and there is no sign of it scaling down. What is indeed impressive is how app development companies are discovering creative means of democratizing or resolving challenges and needs of individuals.

Some examples are Airbnb, designed to help you rent out your vacant house or spare room to individuals vacationing in your area; Uber, the ridesharing app; and TaskRabbit, which links you with individuals in your area who are willing to do your chores and run errands for a nominal fee. Users of mobile apps in this category see them as accessible, sometimes a great deal, and typically a source for the unique. For those offering the products, services, and skills, these kinds of applications are ways to generate extra earnings, become self-supporting and use their resources that other people can benefit from.

A number of people may look at the increasing use of sharing economy apps with awe and surprise, as though it were a social or technological creation, app development companies already realize that these mobile apps have captured the market. But even so, there has always been the desire to take control of one’s financial expenses in our society. Who doesn’t want financial freedom? Who doesn’t want a little extra money? The technology, mobile app developers as well as the apps created simply offer individuals a convenient platform to showcase their talents and goods. You can state that the sharing economy is something you can bank on. The things required are appropriate vector (the mobile applications), accessibility (simplicity of use) and time (to achieve an adoption rate that goes beyond the tipping level).


With the plethora of amazing benefits that the sharing economy offers, increasingly more people are participating and going beyond making use of Airbnb or Uber. If you are not on board yet, now is the right time do so in order to help increase your earnings or make good savings, help the environment, and build the community, all at the same time.

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Apps and the Sharing Economy

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