Apps Evolution

The Evolution of Mobile Application Development

Everyone loves the fabulous world of mobile applications. Whether it is a business tablet utility application or typical mobile game, apps are functioning on the smartphones and users are working with the smarter and better applications. Most probably, the world has acknowledged that apps are the way to make the best of their smartphones.

In previous years, the Android phones and iPhones have obtained great prominence across the globe. The reason for the worldwide popularity and demand for these smartphones is their pre-installed mobile apps which are stylish and useful applications. These applications are either installed on mobiles in the course of manufacturing or perhaps downloaded by mobile phone users from app stores as well as other mobile application platforms.

Smartphone History

It is quite interesting to trace the history of the mobile app development and to summarize its significant factual information. Way back in 1993, the first Smartphone was made available for the general use by prominent company IBM which was offered with the basic features.

RIM made the next significant improvements in the field of mobile application development and the much awaited BlackBerry Smartphone was launched back for general use in 2002 which was noted for the new concept of wireless email. The increasing figures of years keep on boosting the advancement in the mobile application development.

The Motorola DynaTAC was the 1st commercially available mobile phones which only have a simple contact application pre-installed in its operating system. On that note, it is dependent on whether you are building an app for your private business use or use by other business; you need to have an extensive and proper understanding of who your audience is to whom you are building that app. In 1970, Nokia mobile company got famous for having its Snake game on a few of its mobile phones. Then it’s further followed by some more exciting games like Tetris and Tic-Tac-Toe. These early devices completely changed the way individuals thought about communication.

With the advancement of technology in the mobile world, various needs of the users are being taken into consideration, and lots of efforts are being put by savvy and professional mobile app developers to design those applications to meet the needs of mobile customers.

Mobile Sensors

In today’s world of fast-evolving mobile technology, sensors are actively playing a significant role in mobile app design and development. Present day devices have mobile sensors embedded within their hardware and that gives inspiration to app developers for building excellent mobile applications. The most well-known mobile sensors in a present-day mobile device are camera, optical sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, touch sensor and a compass, this aside from the conventional sensors such as a microphone, radio, and more, which are required for some basic functionalities.  Mobile sensors further have unique features that enable mobile phones to detect motion, light, touch as well as a user’s environmental conditions. Today’s mobile app developers are passionate to exploit the capabilities mobile sensors offer.

It is worthy to say that mobile devices have stopped being solely for the purpose of communication or just functioning as a digital assistant. It has evolved into an innovative platform that connects the digital world to the physical world. The advancements in mobile sensors technology have triggered inspiring new potentialities for mobile app developers and device manufacturers.

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Apps Evolution