Today’s Apps – Importance of User Interface and Experience

In recent times, mobile app development technology is growing at an incredibly shocking pace. Nonetheless, in an industry wherein quality and functionality usually come before brand loyalty, developing a flexible user experience is a key to the success of a mobile app development project.

Today, with more than a million applications available across various platforms, the level of competition is fierce. The most efficient way of getting an app to stand out is evident, yet somehow a lot of app developers don’t devote enough time to it: graphics design. What an app looks like is the very first thing users notice about it –even before they download it and definitely before they try out to see the way it functions. That first visual impression has an influence on the overall user experience and will most likely determine the ultimate success of an app.

Hence, there is a compulsion to utilize a user-oriented approach to mobile app development that places emphasis on the requirements of target users. Enriched UX leads to numerous key benefits for the companies that offer it, and the following are a few of them:

It Gives an Edge Over the Competitors

A lot of people don’t realize that, despite now being an industry leader, Apple was not the 1st company to offer mobile applications or mobile operating system. Before iOS, there have been the likes of Windows CE, Palm OS, Symbian, and BlackBerry OS. However, as with nearly everything else, Apple swiftly surpassed the competing companies in the mobile app industry. In significant portion, this was because iOS simply looked better.

Even while there are many clever methods you can try out to make your app prominent, you have to engage the user right from the beginning as a way to achieve significant results. Most importantly, you must ensure that your item is user-friendly. Users are attracted to applications that can give them the things they really want.

Loyal User Base

We all have the experience of utilizing an app with a lot of bugs and flaws, annoying behaviors and unexpected actions. The truth is that a poorly designed app reduces user loyalty. Users won’t have a high tolerance for erratic applications, and almost nothing can put them off away faster than a poor first impression. You won’t be able to build a long term relationship with users.

On the other hand, a great user experience creates a sort of loyalty that keeps individuals coming back for more, enhancing engagement. Giving customers a good reason to return by being interactive and practical is among the ways to enrich user experience and promote loyalty. This leaves a good first impression on the user and provides a sense of value for having downloaded your app.

Increased Client Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a key to running a profitable business venture. Success in every industry is usually determined by the number of happy customers. The greater experience you offer your customers, the happier they will be –and the reverse is true. The poorer experience you give your clients, the more irritated they are going to become with your offering. They will hardly suggest your product or service to their friends. The same thing applies to mobile apps.

The most common reason users abandon or remove an app poor is user experience. This consists of slow responsiveness, lots of ads, high battery consumption, et cetera. If an app can’t create a favorable first impression, it will be more likely to frustrate users, and will probably be deleted.

Increased Sales

A nicely designed app will have increased traffic, sales, and interactions. Such applications will attract and retain more customers who will purchase even more products while leaving positive reviews. Happy customers usually spread the news to their families and friends. People won’t share your app when it does not meet their expectations.

Giving a great experience helps to encourage positive word of mouth, and, as a result, increasing product sales. Even further, it results in increased client satisfaction and loyalty, along with repeat business. User-centered designed likewise cuts down the amount of bug repairs and maintenance needs that usually arises after launching an app. Recognizing issues in advance can help to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on app upgrades in the future.


A well-thought-out mobile solution should adapt to your overall virtual strategy, providing a smooth and exceptional user experience. This implies the functionality and content that are presented in your app have to be in response to the needs of your target audience. No matter what the purpose or function of your app, the final product must deliver a top quality user experience. If you cannot provide an excellent mobile experience, you will be doing a lot more harm than good to your reputation.

Today’s Apps – Importance of User Interface and Experience