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iOS Projects Management Application

Elegant &

Intuitive Design

Carefully creafted by our graphic designers and UX engineers to give the users a simple and pleasent experience while managing their projects

Powerful &

Unique Interface

We design unique interfaces for every new product we create. We make sure it empowers the users and gives them the best experience to achieve the full app capabilities.


Project Reno comes with a lot of amazing and cool features

Made with Love

We know you will be happy when using an app with a well designed and tested user interface. Not only looks but the ability to simplify the tasks is all part of the love we put into it.

Share your Projects

An app without sharing capabilities is not going to be very useful nowadays. Rest asure you will be able to share all your great projects with your friends, family and business partners.


A simple application with great power is what makes a product stand out in the stores. Every part of every screen is carefully analyzed and tested for the best experience.

Know your Expenses

You can break down your project costs into multiple and categorized expenses. Check them when done, add pictures and details for future review.


Check how this app looks like, it’s cool and modern

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"Whizz, Pow, Bang, it's Done!"
Great job, Project Reno! Several days ago, I made the mistake of purchasing an inferior project planner from the APP store. I had to delete the inferior APP because it would not save the entered data and was full of unnecessary complexities! I got ahold of Project Reno and was easily able to project all the way out to late November of this year and put in the specific details which were necessary. Thank you Project Reno for making a project planning APP that is useful and user friendly!

Easy and helpful
Nice app for tracking home projects and the associated payments and tasks. Thank you.

Everything in one place!
All the tools I need are in one place I can track costs set dates and so on.

Organization that is simple and practical
I happened across this app recently and downloaded it once I found out how much it would simplify some of my office tasks. My job requires me to document structural damage to buildings and furniture using photos and then taking notes. This app allows me to take photos in one file and when I'm ready to send them together with notes it automatically compiles all of the info in an email with the push of a button! I can't wait for this app to add more features as time goes... I have already mentioned this to several coworkers...

Comprehensive and user friendly
Great app for keeping things organized while working on simple and complex projects, both of personal and professional nature. Can be of great help in tracking business related costs. Highly recommended.

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