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iOS and Android Smart House Management

Remote Management


Using the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to easily manage your house electronics. Sensors, motors, bulbs, and any other electronic device can be easily connected and managed with the SmartHouse system. Built to make life easier.

Powerful &

Unique Interface

We design unique interfaces for every new product we create. We make sure it empowers the users and gives them the best experience to achieve the full app capabilities.


SmartHouse comes with a lot of amazing and fun features

Fun To Use

We know you will be happy when using an app with a well designed and tested user interface. Not only looks but the ability to simplify the tasks is all part of the love we put into it.

Save Money

Monitor your electricity spending using SmartHouse stats reports. Schedule the use of devices and reduce your electricty bill.


A simple application with great power is what makes a product stand out in the stores. Every part of every screen is carefully analyzed and tested for the best experience.

Remote Control

Control your connected devices from anywhere internet is available. Forgot the lights on? No problem! SmartHouse app can turn them off fo you.


Check how this app looks like, it’s cool and modern

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