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  • Project Reno

    iOS Application for projects management and organizer
  • ProtekMe

    iOS and Android Application for monitoring and messaging contacts
  • areaparking

    iOS and Android Application for renting residential parking spaces
  • Bagou

    iOS and Android Enrich your French Vocabulary Words Game
  • SmartHouse

    iOS and Android App to Remote Control Electronics in your House

Development Platforms

Native Apps

A native app has complete access to a phone’s hardware resources. The app also interacts directly with the phone without the mediation of a web browser. This lends it significantly better performance, particularly when rendering graphics and animation

HTML5 Apps

HTML5 apps are completely platform independent. It does not matter whether your users are on Android, iOS, or Windows Phone, they can all access your app as long as they have a web browser.

What development platform should I choose?

Our experts will be able to analize and advice you about the best platform option to choose when developing your apps. Both platforms have their pros and cons, here's a brief summary that may give you a better understanding on their differences:

Pros Native Apps

Better performance

Better monetisation

Pros HTML5 Apps

Platform independent

Easier updates

Faster development

Cons Native Apps

More expensive to develop

Cons HTML5 Apps

Technical limitations

Poorer performance

Device fragmentation

If what you need is between the 2 platforms, we can always build a hybrid application that uses both platforms to achieve your goals


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